Coconut Delight Black Tea Benefits

Black Tea Benefits

Contains Antioxidant

Consuming antioxidants may help decrease the risk of chronic disease and improve your overall health.

Heart Health

Black tea contains flavonoids and this ingredient has beneficial effects on heart health. Through several studies, regular drinking of black tea may help reduce the risk of heart disease.

May lower “Bad” LDL Cholesterol

LDL and HDL are two types of lipoproteins which carry cholesterol throughout the body. Studies have shown that black tea may help reduce LDL levels. High LDL levels increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Gut Health

Trillions of bacterial and the immune system is housed in the gut. Polyphenols and antimicrobial properties found in black tea may help improve gut health and immunity.

Blood Pressure

Consuming black tea on a daily bases may help decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This research however is mixed.

Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Insulin is a hormone that is secreted when you consume sugar. Black tea is a non-sweetened beverage that can help improve the use of insulin and reduce blood sugar.

Reduce Risk of Cancer Cell

The polyphenols in black tea may help fight cancer cells in the body. Although consuming black tea will not cure cancer, it may help decrease the cancer cell development.

Improvement in Focus

Some properties in black tea may help improve focus due to the caffeine content and the amino acid called L-theanine. The amino acid increases the alpha activity in the brain, which can help improve focus and alertness.


Coconut Benefits

Highly Nutritious

The main element provided is fat. Minerals in coconut are involved with many functions in the body. They are high in manganese, which is essential for bone health and the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and cholesterol.

A lot of the fat is in the form of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). These fats are metabolized in the body differently than other fats, as they are absorbed directly from small intestine and rapidly used for energy. One benefit of MCTs in people with obesity found that these fats can promote fat loss when replacing long-chain saturated fats from animals with them.

Heart Health

Studies suggest that people who make a diet of coconut meat have lower rates of heart disease. 

May Promote Blood Sugar Control

Studies performed on rats found that coconut had antidiabetic effects, which could be caused by its arginine content. Arginine is an amino acid that’s important for the functioning of pancreatic cells, which release the hormone insulin that regulates your blood sugar levels.


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