Premium Tea Leaves Sourced Worldwide

Our premium teas are sourced worldwide from high-quality gardens. You deserve
to have the best tea blends made of premium quality tea leaves. With over 100 blends to
choose from, we have learned to create premium tea blends with sensational flavors
while keeping most the nutrients in each tea leaf. It is imperative that you are
drinking what will stimulate your body adding the required nutrients. 

In India, we ensured the plantation was held to The Tea Board of India standards.
This is due to their endorsement of the diverse production and productivity of tea, for
they monitor the advances in tea packaging as it relates to health beneficial aspects.

The Tea Board of India's certification reduces the risk of fraudulent tea on the
market. We believe it is important to ensure that rare teas such as harvested
Darjeeling would not be fraudulently harvested. With The Tea Board of India
endorsing the plantations we source from, we are proud to offer you the purest
premium teas grown.