Võrratu Tea Health Benefits

Võrratu tea blends are made of premium quality tea leaves which provide you with the nutrients your body needs!

All information of benefits associated with our premium teas are from trusted sources. Research has been conducted over the years to bring awareness to the benefits of tea.

You will find that the research conducted goes over various areas, each with a specific topic and point. This we have found to be very useful, for it gives the clearest understanding of each tea's benefits.

Due to various factors to consider, Võrratu cannot give exact percentage amounts per benefit in a specific tea. This is due to us blending various elements with our premium tea leaves. We blend and process our teas to give you a variety of all types. In our tea collection, you will find different antioxidant and caffeine amounts. You will find some teas flavored with flowers, spices, herbs, nuts, fruits and/or blended with a mixture of premium tea leaves. We love to experiment with our blends as we think this keeps the tea exotic, allowing you to enjoy the nutrients and uniqueness in every blend. By blending these different elements together, there is a different amount of tea leaf brewed which will alter the percentage. Furthermore, we are unable to know how much an individual will brew in each cup, again altering the amount of nutrients.

If you desire a higher percentage of a specific benefit, we ask that you focus on our organic section of premium teas. These teas will have the least amount of blending with any other elements, which leaves the tea closest to its natural state.

Our goal is to ensure you do not just drink tea and enjoy the flavor. We desire that you love the tea, the flavor of the blends, and the available health benefits associated with the Võrratu premium teas.    

Below you will find our tea benefit references. Please click on the link of your choice and follow the reference to the benefits page sharing the specific benefits of each tea. Then follow the cross reference links to professional researchers in medicine. We hope this information is of benefit to you and will help guide you to the tea of your choice.