Võrratu Brand

All for YOU!

Tea Experts Blend For You!

It is all in a moment of time! You take a sip and the rest is history. It is in that moment, you will decide on your next tea. So we strive to give you the best first impression.

Our Commitment

To ensure you enjoy what is sensational! Every tea is different and unique, though our teas are 100% Pure and 100% All Natural.

In Every Cup

We care about your experience and your every moment, because we care about YOU!

Quality Standard

Võrratu is more than just a name that means ‘Matchless’, it is a commitment to honor you and give you what you deserve. From sourcing the finest leaves from Certified Tea Gardens, to having tea expert’s hand-blend with 100% All Natural leaves and ingredients. We ensure every step has one piece of the operations and logistics considered, YOU!


We offer teas that are Certified Organic, Certified Gluten-Free, Certified Kosher and Certified Fair-Trade. We never add MSG, Preservatives or Artificial Flavoring. Through our superior tea practices all blends are Premium, High-Quality Teas. We deliver Assam, Ceylon and Keemun teas that are 100% pure teas from the gardens, without the addition of any "filler" teas. We source the finest tea leaves worldwide from Certified Exporters and from Certified Gardens. Võrratu delivers the highest quality of tea leaves available, ensuring a premium quality tea.
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