Premium Sachet Benefits

Vorratu Premium Sachet


Benefits of our Premium Sachets

At Võrratu, we have one focus, YOU! By focusing on you, we are in essence focusing on everyone. This is because by caring about your health, we are also caring about the health of our environment.

We do not just claim to be premium, we ensure that everything Võrratu offers is the highest quality. We do this by also ensuring the sachets are pure, 100% plant base. 

Our tea experts wanted something created that would give the best brewing experience, without any hindrance to the quality of the tea. 

This is why we offer premium sachets that are engineered to protect you and the environment. Please take note of the following:

1. Plant Base Sachets, 100% All Natural Soy and Corn Husk (NO PLASTIC). 

This alone prevents any damage to our environment. Sachet dissolves within 1 1/2 years due to the All Natural compounds (soy and corn husk) breaking down naturally, without human involvement required. 

2. Long-Term Biodegradable (Fully Recyclable)

The biodegradable methods allow the sachet to withstand heat, preventing them from dissolving in the cup. Once used, recycle and together we make our world healthier.

3. No Ink

No ink on the tag or other parts of the sachet. At Võrratu, our tea experts thought about every aspect of brewing and concluded that, if a tag had ink printed on it and it fell into the cup. The tea, at that moment, will have the possibility of being tainted and lose its value of being 100% All Natural. This is only a precaution and an extra step taken for your benefit.

4. No Glue

Our tea experts did not think you would like glue in your tea. So another element that was considered, was how to connect each part of the sachet without using glue. This was accomplished by using an All Natural heat seal. Again, preventing the loss of value within the tea, should the tag take a dive. 

5. Pyramid Design

This may seem like a cosmetic feature, though this design is by far one of the most important aspects of our premium sachets. Our tea experts understand the process of brewing loose leaf and wanted to offer a more convenient method. 

As our tea experts were going over the brewing process of loose leaf tea, they needed a design that would allow for a consistent brew, perfect brew in every sachet, for every leaf size. This led Võrratu to decide on the pyramid as the design, for it meets all expectations. 

Tea leaves need to expand within hot water. This allows the tea to release all nutrients and flavor into the cup. Leaves are required to have enough room to expand, or the tea blend will not yield the desired results. Our premium sachets do just this, for you!

Why did we go through such great lengths? You deserve the best tea experience, why?


How can one tea sachet make 2-3 cups of tea?
Our signature tea sachets provide more room for the tea leaves to expand without being compacted, unlike conventional tea bags. This ensures a better brew and allows more flavor to be released from large tea leaves. Depending on your tastes, each sachet can brew 2-3 cups for a light or strong cup of tea.


  • Pyramid Style
  • 100% All Natural
  • No Plastic
  • Plant Base
  • Long-Term Biodegradable
  • No Glue
  • No Ink