Freshness Guaranteed

Updated 1/1/2024

Freshness Guaranteed

Võrratu Company guarantees all tea will remain fresh for one (1) year when in an unopened package. Our tea is guaranteed to stay fresh when unopened and kept in a cool dry place, such as a pantry, for one (1) year. 

Once the package has been opened. Võrratu Company cannot guarantee the life of the tea, due to not knowing if the container was resealed. 

Võrratu Company offers every customer a full refund or replacement for any tea product that does not maintain freshness. 

Each complaint submitted will guarantee a one for one replacement between all tea products. As an example, if customer purchased a sachet tea product, the customer may request a loose-leaf tea product as a replacement. 


It is the responsibility of the customer to contact Võrratu Company at regarding purchased product, within one (1) year of purchase date. 

The customer is required to submit the order number found in the confirmation email. Võrratu Company will send a replacement product to the address on processed order.

Should customer request a full refund. The funds will be returned to the payment method associated with the order number. Please allow at least five (5) days from processing date for funds to appear. We will notify you by email when refund was processed.

Only one complaint is authorized per product purchased. 


Võrratu, reserves the right to annotate every complaint with said customer. If there is repeated complaints in various orders. Implying that Võrratu is selling expired products, for the intent to continual take advantage of Võrratu and its guarantee. 

Võrratu reserves the right to neglect sales to any customer.