We’ve put together a list of our customers’ most frequently asked questions. If you require more information, please call or e-mail us. Your satisfaction comes first.

What are my payment options?

Vorratu, Inc. accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Cirrus, Diners Club, JCB, Litecoin, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal. Orders will not ship until payment has been received.

Why did I get charged sales tax?

Võrratu is responsible for charging sales tax, as applicable, per state laws and local tax laws or where Võrratu is otherwise obligated to do so. Sales tax can vary per order due to several factors.

Loose-leaf tea is tax free

You may have noticed that when you buy loose-leaf tea, the price you see is the same as the total that you see on your receipt. This isn’t a mistake, or done just because we think you’re awesome (you know we do, but that’s beside the point). It’s because tea falls into the tax-group of basic consumable products, which are zero-rated. And that means that all loose-leaf tea purchased is 100% tax-free!

Tax on pre-packs

Although bulk loose-leaf is tax-free, it’s important to note that this zero-rate doesn’t apply to the plant in all its forms. For instance, gift packs or single serve products are taxable. Simply put, any pre-packaged teas in bags (e.g. sachets) or prepared foods and beverages are taxable.

What is the currency for all prices?

All prices listed on Vorratu, Inc. will be processed in USD.

What security procedures are in place to protect my information?

Vorratu, Inc. operates to first and foremost protect the privacy of all customers. Your privacy is the corporations main concern and we protect it with all transactions. 

Vorratu, Inc. is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

We are very serious about securely protecting your information and have invested significant time and money to certify our solution is PCI compliant. From annual on-site assessments validating compliance to continuous risk management, we work hard to keep our shopping cart and ecommerce hosting secure.

Vorratu, Inc. is in compliance with all six PCI standard categories. 

  • Maintain a secure network
  • Protect cardholder data
  • Maintain a vulnerability management program
  • Implement strong access control measures
  • Regularly monitor and test networks
  • Maintain an information security policy

What is PCI?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a security standard for organizations that handle credit and debit card information. The standard was created to increase controls around payment data to reduce fraud.

How can I reach Vorratu?

Vorratu, Inc. can be reached at (912) 514-0714. One of our friendly and helpful customer care representatives will be happy to assist you during our business hours Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST.

Do you offer special promotions?

Yes. We offer special promotions on our website from time to time. In order to receive an exclusive promotion, please sign up for our e-newsletter. 

Will I receive an email confirmation for my order?

Yes. You will receive an email confirmation shortly after placing your order. Review your order carefully. Contact customer service immediately if you wish to make any changes. 

How can one tea sachet make 2-3 cups of tea?

Our signature tea sachets provide more room for the tea leaves to expand without being compacted, unlike conventional tea bags. This ensures a better brew and allows more flavor to be released from large tea leaves. Depending on your tastes, each sachet can brew 2-3 cups for a light or strong cup of tea.