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Green Tea, Your Best Friend

by Võrratu Tea Expert 19 Feb 2022

We love heath and the benefits that tea brings to our health. To be more specific, green tea is known to really enhance our lives. 

Did you know there have been much study on the effects of green tea? Even to the extent to see if green tea can reduce cancer? Yes, that is right, if you take a look at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health's article, you will find an extensive study done on green tea. 

This is why Võrratu is so focused on tea. Your body cries out for this stuff and we are pleased to give you what your body is craving for. There are many ways to receive green tea, though through our collection you can be sure to enjoy the best. Why? We only source premium quality and this is what you need. 

Green tea is rich in catechin, mainly epigallocatechin 3 gallate which you can see in the article gives it the beneficial values that it holds. Though to ensure you are receiving all the nutrients in each cup. You need to be sure your tea leaves are pure and not including filler teas. Yes, that is right, many companies will add filler teas to save cost while raising the price. 

We know you need the best leaves, the purest leaves, only the leaves that will ensure you receive all the nutrients in each brew. You never have to wonder if you will receive pure leaves anymore. We want you to enjoy a sensationally delightful tea! This is why our collection includes Darjeelings, Assams and Nilgiris teas that are 100% pure teas from the gardens, without the addition of any "filler" teas.

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