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Superior Tea Specialists

by Võrratu Tea Expert 14 Feb 2022

At Vorratu, our tea specialists take pride in sourcing and blending the highest quality tea available. In Europe, tea is a luxury and a pleasure to share with family and friends. We love bringing the same quality of tea to the United States that many Europeans have enjoyed for centuries.

The tea we would like to share with you this time, is our high demand Earl Grey black tea that we have perfectly blended. Our black teas are a sure delight and wonderful in any flavor. Our methods have remained consistent and our teas have been considered European Premium quality due to the All Natural ingredients and loose leaf sourcing methods. 

We ensure each blend maintains an exceptional rich flavor. This is accomplished by our tea specialists taking every effort to ensure the quality is preserved from the gardens. 

Vorratu will never cut a corner on delivery, as our main concern is our customers. 

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